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House Kit

Radon and indoor air quality system for multi-room, connected monitoring.

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12-month warranty

45 day money back guarantee

What's in the kit


Wave Radon

The world's smartest radon detector! Wireless, battery operated, with long and short term values on your smartphone


Wave Mini

Monitor mold risk, temperature, humidity and airborne chemicals (VOCs) to help with asthma, allergies, sleep and overall health


Airthings Hub

On-demand access to your Airthings monitors, from anywhere, at any time

Once you see it, it’s too late

Preventing mold growth helps with asthma, allergies, sleep and overall health. Protect your home and health with Wave Mini.


Keep your family safe



Lower your exposure to this cancer causing gas found in all buildings and homes



Monitor humidity to prevent mold, dust mites, skin irritations and the spread of viruses



Keep an eye on temperature to improve sleep and productivity



Prevent mold growth in your home to minimize negative health impacts



Monitor airborne chemicals (VOC) to keep your family healthy

Works with

Live data allows you to connect into your smart home: set alerts, receive air quality measurements, give voice commands, connect to a smart plug or smart product to control your thermostat, air purifier, or humidifier—the options are endless.

Airthings App & Dashboard

  • Graphs
  • Customization options
  • Notifications
  • Tips & insights
  • Full data and reporting with Airthings Dashboard

Connect to your existing devices or add more

Wave Radon

A smart radon detector with quick and accurate results on your smartphone.
Wave Radon $199.99

Wave Mini

Now with mold risk indication! Wave Mini helps with asthma, allergies, sleep and overall health. The perfect first step to understanding health and comfort levels in any room.
Wave Mini $79.99


Complete the system. The Airthings Hub brings one or more devices online providing on-demand access to your indoor air quality (IAQ) data at anytime, from anywhere!

Free shipping


45-day money back guarantee


12-month warranty

Tech Specs

Model 2950

Product features:

Sensors: Radon, Temp & Humidity
Visual indicator: Red/Yellow/Green glow ring
Long battery life: ~ 24 months
Supports wall or ceiling mount
Free mobile app for iOS and Android
Web dashboard
Mobile notifications

IAQ sensor specifications:

Sensor sampling interval: 5 minutes
Sensor Resolution:
Temperature ∓ 0.1°F/C
Humidity ∓1%

Radon specifications:

Radon sampling: Passive diffusion chamber
Detection method: Alpha spectrometry
Measurement range: 0 - 500 pCi/L / 0 – 20,000 Bq/m3
Accuracy/precision at 5.4 pCi/L / 200 Bq/m3:
After 7 days ~ 10 %
After 2 months ~ 5 %

Additional information:

Package content:
Air Quality Detector
2 AA alkaline batteries
Instruction Manual
Mounting screw


Weight: 7.6oz / 216g
Dimensions: 4.7 x 1.4 in / 120 x 36 mm

Product codes:

Model: 2950
Serial Number: 2950 xxxxxx

Model 2920


Sensors: Mold risk indicator, VOC, Temperature and Humidity
Visual feedback: Red/Yellow/Green glow indicator
Long battery life: > 3 years
Supports wall mounting or table stand
Free mobile app for iOS and Android
Free online dashboard
Mobile and web notifications


Sensor sampling interval: 5 minutes
Sensor Resolution / Accuracy:
Temperature: 0.1 / ±1 °F/C
Humidity: 1 / ±3 %
Settling time:
TVOC ~7 days
Operational Environment: 39°F to 104°F / 4°C to 40°C
Power: 3 x AA alkaline batteries
Wireless: Bluetooth & SmartLink

Additional information:

Package content:
Air Quality Detector
3 x AA alkaline batteries
Instruction Manual
Table stand


Weight: 4.8oz / 135g
Dimensions: < 3.14 x 1 in / 80 x 26 mm

Product codes:

SKU: 292
Device serial number: 2920xxxxxx

Product features:

Remote access to Airthings devices:

Wave Radon (device serial number 2950xxxxxx)
Wave Plus (device serial number 2930xxxxxx)
Wave Mini (device serial number 2920xxxxxx)

One Hub can connect to up to 10 Airthings devices
Long-range wireless connection with Airthings SmartLink
Live data streaming to the cloud
Free mobile app for iOS and Android
Mounting options: Freestanding or mounted
LED status indicators: Power, cloud and SmartLink connection


Operational Environment: 39º - 104°F / 4º - 40°C
Power supply: 100–240 V AC / 50–60Hz
Protocols: Airthings SmartLink
Estimated range: Easily covers most residential homes
Connection: Ethernet port

Additional information:

Package content:

Airthings Hub
Ethernet cable
Instruction Manual
Mounting bracket
Rubber bumper pads
Power supply adaptor
US interchangeable supply blade
EU interchangeable supply blade
UK interchangeable supply blade


Weight: 8.8 oz / 249g
Dimensions: 4.9 x 4.9 x 1 in / 125 x 125 x 25 mm

Product codes:

Model: 2810
Device serial number: 2810xxxxxx