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View CO2 for Business

CO2 monitoring made easy for any building, anywhere.


A global concern

Awareness around the effects of poor indoor air quality, and specifically carbon dioxide (CO2), has grown significantly in recent months. The Quebec government is installing the Airthings for Business solution in schools; Belgium and the Netherlands have introduced regulations to monitor air quality in schools, and several areas in the US including California and New York City are looking at implementing similar measures.

Why monitor CO2

High CO2 levels can increase the risk of airborne virus transmission and cause lower productivity, drowsiness, headaches, and loss of concentration. The levels can rise quickly in enclosed spaces, so measuring CO2 levels serves as a good indicator of indoor air quality and how well a ventilation system is working.


Take control over your CO2 levels



Ensure students and teachers breathe healthy air to reduce the spread of airborne virus and increase productivity.



Optimize the indoor air quality to reduce sick leave, improve health and wellbeing, and create a safe space for visitors.



Show visitors that you take their health seriously by ensuring healthy air and reducing the risk of virus transmission.



Optimize indoor air quality to reduce drafts and ensure healthy and safe air for a peace of mind for both visitors and employees.

Sensor features


CO2 Alert

Optional feature showing a red light and indication on the screen when CO2 levels are too high

Product-page-ICONS_battery life

10 year battery life

Long battery life up to 10 years


Airthings dashboard

View, compare, and export IAQ data

Product-page-ICONS_Plug and play-

Plug and play

Simple and intuitive installation requiring no tools

Product-page-ICONS_Over air updates-

Over the cloud updates

Constant improvements and over-the-cloud upgrades delivered to the device


Six sensors

Carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, humidity, virus risk, noise, light

Product-page-ICONS_Customizable display-

Customizable display

Choose what you show on the display

Product-page-ICONS_Long range-


Long-range connection to the cellular-powered Hub eliminating the need for stable WiFi

CO2 Alert

The optional CO2 Alert feature lets anyone in the room take control of the air they are breathing by visually alerting them through a red LED light on the product when CO2 levels get too high.

Airthings View Plus - Hero Image - Left High_RED

Customizable display

A state-of-the-art ultra-low power display to maximize battery life.

  • Specific readings: Default CO2, humidity and temperature is shown on the display. It is also possible to show single or dual sensor values if preferred.
  • QR code: Display a QR code so anyone in the room can check their air quality in real-time.
  • CO2 Alert: Shows the CO2 reading when it is too high accompanied by a red flashing LED.

Get to know Airthings for Business

One solution
Open API

One solution

View CO2 for Business is the latest addition to Airthings for Business. Airthings for Business is made up of several products to provide a scalable solution where you can build the best mix of products into a solution that covers your exact needs.


Open API

Easily access sensor data through our open API or subscribe with the Webhook. Easily use your sensor data in your existing BI solution or as an input to a BAS or BMS.



The user-friendly dashboard gives detailed insight into how your building, office or school behaves. Viewing historical data of minute-intervals going back years helps you make informed decisions. Easy reporting with one-click indoor air quality and virus risk reports. Set up alerts to get notified for when you need to take action, or use the CO2 Alert so the product notifies the person in the room when levels are too high.



The Hub is needed to bring your products online and enables you to have remote access to your real-time and historical data in the dashboard at any time, from anywhere. The long-range Hub brings all your data together into the dashboard or API with end-to-end security. One Hub can host several products.

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Interested in using the Airthings for Business solution in your journey towards a certification like WELL or RESET? You’ll need to add our RESET accredited flagship product, the View Plus for Business, to your setup in order to qualify for certifications.


Get started with View CO2

Interested in how you can make CO2 monitoring easy? Get in touch and we'll help you get started.


View CO2 for Business

Wireless monitor for CO2, temperature, light, noise and virus risk.


View Plus for Business

Our most powerful wireless monitor, measuring 10 indoor air quality factors and radon.


Wave Plus for Business

Wireless monitor measuring 7 indoor air quality factors and radon.


Wave Mini for Business

Wireless monitor for temperature, humidity, VOCs and mold risk.


Hub for Business

The Hub connects all Airthings for Business monitors to the cloud.