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Committed to cleaner air and healthier, more productive lives

Experts in IAQ for over a decade

We have unparalleled experience in developing the best-selling, award-winning radon detectors on the market. We were the first to create a digital, battery-operated radon detector, and continue to pave the way for Healthy Building Solutions.

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Expert team

We're a Norway-based tech company led by a team of experienced CERN scientists, engineers and technology professionals with a passion for radon and indoor air quality.

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Customer obsessed

Our customer obsession informs everything we do, from simplified product design and usability to the very way we communicate and visualize your air quality data.

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Leading the charge

Innovation and education position Airthings as the trusted expert defining the path to healthy air. Our award-winning solution offers a single ecosystem adaptable to any building.

Our mission

Airthings is on a mission to ensure people around the world take control of their indoor air quality (IAQ) through simple, affordable and accurate technology solutions – making radon and indoor air quality sensors an essential and universal element of every building.

The Airthings story

Our ambition of modernizing and enhancing how we test for radon started back in 2008. Airthings saw a gap in the market to make radon testing more efficient, effective and simple.

Our expertise within indoor air quality and radon together with our passion for health, innovation and technology enables us to help business owners take control of their indoor environments. As we spend most of our time indoors – be it at work, school or a public building – developing a tailored solution for these spaces, with the same user-friendly approach, was a natural next step.

We're committed to helping building and business managers use digital technology to make a difference to their indoor air quality. Every day, in every room. And that's something we're still striving to achieve to this day.

A focus on growth

We want to ensure that as many people as possible around the world benefit from the work we do, and that means we need to grow and expand our operations. We currently have a team of over 50 employees from over 16 nations, but we're constantly seeking new candidates who can help us achieve our goals.

We do almost everything in-house. From research and design to development and testing, we do it from our headquarters in Norway – the home of fresh air, where pure air is part of the culture. We're always looking to the future, and we’re on the lookout for the right people to help us on our journey.

Our people and culture

As a company we're dedicated to being the very best at what we do, and our employees are what make us stand out more than anything else. Every Airthings employee is curious, intelligent, hardworking and ambitious. Quite simply, they encapsulate the very things that we value as a company.

As a growing company there are plenty of chances for people to explore opportunities and projects across various departments. But we aren’t just about the work. We truly understand that a healthy work-life balance is integral to the Airthings culture.

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